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Who am I?


Twin Flame in Harmonious Union​

Student of Jeff and Shaleia from Twin Flames Universe

Life and Ascension Coache




Certified Coach at Twin Flames Universe


Stephanie was very interested in body healing and studied some traditional medicines such as acupressure. She is also graduated in public health and passed many years to travel through the world. Stephanie is a lived students of Jeff and Shaleia and a former member of the Twin Flames Universe Community. Coaching and using the mirror exercice since many years, she can really well guide others through their healing process.

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What people say


Coach & Senior Business Analyst, Australia

It is an honour to share my experience as a testimonial for Stephanie and Kiran. I have been working with them for almost a year now and I am so glad I made the choice to commit and choose them as my coach. Ever since I started working with Stephanie, I found a shift and an upgrade in the way I approached my inner work and I also gained more clarity with regards to my union and my next steps in claiming my permanent Harmonious Union. I highly recommend them as coaches if you’d like to fast-track and also go deeper into your own understanding of Jeff & Shaleia’s teachings. Their mastery is admirable.


Entrepreneur, France

Many thanks to Kiran for these wonderful coaching sessions. I recommend 300% his accompaniment and his services which support me and help me to grow since 1 year.

My life was completely transformed in all areas of my life from the first session.

During the past 6 years, I have been accompanied by different coaches, mentors and followed a lot of training courses in the field of personal development, but the support offered by Kiran and Stephanie are by far the ones that have brought me the most results quickly, efficiently and above all in the long term.

One of my greatest successes : healing my hypersensitivity. This character trait no longer has a burden but has become a real gift that I can now share with the world. I feel definitely grateful and blessed, many thanks.


Actress, Germany

I have already been coached by Kiran and now by Stephanie. The two are incredibly good divine channel and have brought me very far in my healing, on my twin flame journey, in my life purpose and in my body healing.

They are so experienced, they practice the mirror exercise themselves a lot and they definitely know what they're talking about. They understand, live and practice the teachings of Jeff & Shaleia and they are a perfect example of a wonderful Harmonious Union.
Besides their spiritual knowledge, they have both a lot of knowledge about healing body issues, diseases and healing war energy. And so much more!

Before I never felt that someone really understands me and what I am moving through, especially with my body transformations and diseases but with these two it was different from the beginning!

My whole life has transformed tremendously for the better since I am coaching with them. After each session I feel so peaceful and each time I am amazed at how well Kiran & Stephanie see through my blocks and love and support me perfectly. I receive so many advices and love, that is priceless! I could not have more loving and better coaches!

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