Who are we?

Twin Flames in Harmonious Union​

Students of Jeff and Shaleia (Twin Flames Universe)

Life and Ascension Coaches


PhD in Human Diseases (Immunology & Microbiology)

Certified Coach at Twin Flames Universe

Level 2 Reiki Pratitionner

Kiran sudied many healing methods in order to be able to heal his body. From classic medicine where he holds a Ph.D. in human diseases to energetic methods like Reiki, Kiran was always trying to find a way to heal it completely. He finally found Twin Flames Universe in 2019 and revealed it as the perfect solution to bring peace in his body and mind. Thanks to the teaching of Jeff and Shaleia, Kiran was able to heal his chronic pain and start to live his dream life with his perfect partner. Now, Kiran is enjoying the peace he brought in his reality and loves helping people to manifest their own perfect life.



Certified Coach at Twin Flames Universe

Stephanie was very interested in body healing and studied some traditional medicines such as acupressure. She is also graduated in public health and passed many years to travel through the world. Stephanie is a lived students of Jeff and Shaleia and a former member of the Twin Flames Universe Community. Coaching and using the mirror exercice since many years, she can really well guide others through their healing process.

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