Heal Your



  • Feeling uncomfortable in your body?

  • Losing and gaining weight with no stability but control over food

  • Being tired of chasing new revolutionary methods to heal yourself

  • Not having the relationship you desire with your body

  • Feeling your body works against you and not with you

  • Being a transgender person and having issues with your body


In  2015, I was barely able to stand for a few minutes at a time, and going to the supermarket or taking the bus became very complicated for me. I was only 25 years old, but I felt like my life was ending. I emersed myself in classic medicine and even obtained my PhD in Human Disease. I tried everything: medications, surgery, functional medicine practices, and even energy healing like Reiki. It did work for a while, but each one always, eventually, revealed it's limits when I couldn't go deeper into healing. I always hit a wall. Until the day I found this coaching method.

Your body should work with you, not against you.


Being born with a genetic disease felt disempowering because being in my DNA means that there is no cure. Yet, a lot of methods I explored helped me to reduce my symptoms and, slowly, I began to live again. When I discovered this coaching method, it changed my life deeply and I was finally able to heal all the symptoms of my disease, including paralyzing chronic migraines. Today, I am happy to say that I am experiencing a full life, symptom-free, and it is the simple and inevitable result of the inner emotional work.

You, too, can heal yourself.
You just have to choose it and claim your support.
Do you want to know what is the perfect service for you?


Are you looking for a deepest intimacy with yourself and your feelings? Do you want to know more about the origin of your symptoms?

A 45 min energy treatment. Based on Reiki Usui and other energy healing methods.


Group Coaching

For all your concerns about your body. From self-care to a more chronic issue, every topic is welcome.

This is a one hour group coaching, every Saturday at 9 am EST (15h CET).


1:1 Coaching

Have you a very specific or located issue? Or maybe are you experiencing an imbalance in your life?

Based on the mirror exercise, emotional and physical healing, systemic method, and science.


Master Program

Do you experience deep chronic issues? Have you have tried a lot of tools without results? Are you willing to put effort and energy to heal yourself?

Based on the mirror exercise, emotional and physical healing, systemic method, and science.

Ondulation de l'eau


I've had severe back pain for the past two years and I'm constantly looking for alternative medicine. In short, it has been a very insightful and respectful introductory session.


I never knew distant reiki can be so impactful.  I not only started feeling lighter, but I was feeling peaceful.

Madhu, INDIA

The session was like surgery, now I am recovering in the best way I can.