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Adam & Breann

Coaches, Norway

Working with them has been a life changing experience. They know exactly what I need in every moment.I used to be numbed out and in survival mode most of the time, they helped me find and revive parts of my self that I didn't even know existed or thought was lost forever. I feel like a new person. I can be my authentic self, be vulnerable, I feel so safe expressing and showing emotions in our sessions. I've experienced tremendous healing working with them. They are such a warm, intuitive, wise, perfect coaches with a lot of love, guidance and knowledge to give.


Artist & Coach, India

I know with her its safe, free and unconditionally loving and accepting to be vulnerable with them. They go right to the core, and will gently guide me. I love how vast and at the same time deep we go in healing during the class. Thank you God for them!


Ayurvadic Practionner & Coach, Switzerland

The session with you was like surgery, now I am recovering in the best way I can.


Coach, India

I had my session just before coming to the realization of my truth of being masculine. I was feeling so stuck and nothing was making sense. I had a reiki session and one coaching session. Both of them was so amazing. Thet did the healing and passed the message that my true Twin flame is going to enter my life soon. I not only started feeling lighter, but as I was feeling peaceful. My true Twin Flame was revealed to me. That was amazing.